IV Nutrient Infusions

Designed for optimal health and wellness. IV Hydration helps fight fatigue, increase immunity, cure hangovers, allergies, detoxification, performance, migraines and much more!


Hydrate and combat your fatigue from dehydration.
Rehydrate and relieve your migraine and hangover symptoms with this IV nutrient blend. This blend can also reduce anxiety, inflammation and blood pressure while relaxing your muscles and relieving your migraine symptoms. Hydrate, detox and reverse the symptoms of a hangover including nausea.

Recovery & Performance:

Decrease recovery time and enhance your performance.
Restore hydration, repair and rebuild muscle while also relieving soreness with the IV nutrients in this blend. Combat inflammation recharge your body and relax your muscles so you can fully recover and return to your athletic routine.


Boost your immune system, feel better faster.
Boost your immune system and prevent illness with this blend of IV nutrients. You can also cut down the time spent fighting the symptoms of flu, cold, stomach bug or virus. This blend also helps you combat jet lag and speed up wound healing.

Myers’ Cocktail:

Enhance your immune system, alleviate seasonal allergies & reduce fibromyalgia symptoms.
The Myers’ Cocktail IV nutrient blend not only enhances your immune system and reduces
fatigue but helps with your season allergies. It also reduces symptoms of fibromyalgia and