mesotherapyMost of us have cellulite. Understanding the physiology of cellulite and the other causes for cellulite helps us understand the various treatment options in helping to diminish or eliminate cellulite. Cellulite is mostly heredity and in women there is a strong hormonal element (estrogen dominance) that contributes to the appearance of cellulite. Diet, genetics and social habits can all contribute to cellulite. Cellulite can be treated depending upon physiology and the location cellulite areas.

As a cellulite treatment, Mesotherapy is used as an irritant to force your body to diffuse the irritant through additional vascularization and lymphatic drainage. Mesotherapy is a series of injections using a cocktail mix of non-harmful and natural irritants. Noticeable improvement to your cellulite areas occur as the subcutaneous fat chambers are rejuvenated from the increased vascular and again become elastic. Thus, diminishing or eliminating the dimpling associated with cellulite. The injections are made to your subcutaneous fat chambers where inelastic fibers (bands) are causing the skin irregularity. Increased vascular and lymphatic drainage occurs because of the irritants injected. Mesotherapy cellulite treatment often requires multiple treatments to the affected area and can take several months to complete. Other cellulite conjunctive therapies as well as your diet and nutrition can enhance the results of Mesotherapy cellulite treatments. Because cellulite is multi-factorial so are our treatments for controlling and reversing the indication of cellulite.

At Beau Luke Medical Spa, we offer mesotherapy treatments and therapies as well as the latest technologies that reduce the appearance of unwanted cellulite or fat deposits and will work with you on the right regimen for your lifestyle.